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Tia & Tamera: “Too Much Napa Whine”

Tia & Tamera: “Too Much Napa Whine”

Is it just me or is  the Tia and Tamera show one of the best reality shows out right now? Honestly, more people should be tuning into this fun, family oriented show as opposed to the ridiculousness we watch religiously. This week on Tia & Tamera, Tamera is planning a housewarming party in Napa, while Tia is going through baby withdrawal. The twins go through hell and back getting ready for this housewarming party, but they pull it off in the end!

Eden, who is helping Tamera design the house, has some bad news. She receives a call from the furniture company saying that the second shipment would be a day late. Now they have to scramble to get  everything perfect for the party on Saturday sending Tamera into a frenzy.

Speaking of worrying, Tia is almost at her whits end. These 5 days in Napa with her sister are the longest she has have been away from her son, Cree. Mommy Tia goes into panic mode, when she and cousin Jerome take a break by the pool without her phone. Bad choice, Tia finds her phone with not 1 missed call, but 6. Immediately she assumes that something has gone terribly wrong with Cree. However, her husband Cory assures her that everything is fine, he was only looking for the toy Elmo. Pretty funny.

On the lighter side of things, Tia rode the motorcycle with Tamera’s hubby Adam, which was earlier afraid to do. Also, the housewarming party was a success and Tamera was able to incorporate she and Adam’s style in a way that benefits them both. At the end of  the stressful 5 days, the sisters recap on what they have learned. Tia finds that she should trust her husband, Cory more; especially with their son and Tamera admits that she needs to be less controlling in her own marriage.

Check out pictures of the girls in Napa:



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