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Tity Boi ‘2 Chainz’ Is Spending Hunneds On This Type of Woman

Tity Boi ‘2 Chainz’ Is Spending Hunneds On This Type of Woman

It’s his and he spends it … but on who? Tity Boi “2 Chainz” just dropped his latest mixtape, “TRUE Religion,” but we want to take it back to his hit single “Spend It.” Take a look at the lyrics first.

“I am smoking on exotic , my girl ain’t got no stomach
every time we have sex she always ask me for a hunned
I asked her if she working, she asked me do I want it
I say when went to school b*tch money wasnt a subject ..”

Now it’s time to disscuss the type of woman who dates Mr. 2 Chainz. This is what we came up with:

1. She works out and keeps her body fit.
2. She’s attractive.
3. Her education after high school is questionable.
4. She frequents in daily late night workouts on the pole.
5. She smokes that exotic.
6. She relies on men for her income … hence why she always asks for a hunned after sex.
7. She doesn’t mind a man with a limited vocabulary.
8. She’s dated at least one professional athlete.
9. She’s down to have sex in his Mercedes.
10. She might already have a kid or two and plans on naming the next one “Mercedes.”

Did we miss any characteristics? If so, list them below.

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