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Top 10 Trends That Should Never Make It Into 2012

Top 10 Trends That Should Never Make It Into 2012

The New Year is almost here and after a careful review of the year 2011, we felt it necessary to list our top ten trends that we hope don’t carry over into 2012.

Baby Bangs

We have no idea how this trend snuck into the hair world. Baby bags cut high into the mid forehead area are not flattering and seem like a pain to grow out or brush back into a smooth ponytail. Sorry Zoe and Cythina, but this look needs to go.

Half Shaved Heads

Cassie rocked the look first, shocking her fans with a super edgy hair style, shaving off half of her long beautiful locks. Talk about a trend starter, celebrities like Lala, Melanie B., Laurie Ann Gibson, and Rihanna were soon to follow. The over saturated style has crossed over into the real world, which means it’s time for this look to go!

Glitter Uggs

Uggs are cool to wear in college and on a day out running quick errands. But glitter Uggs should only be worn by girls who are 12 and younger.

Butt Injections

2011 has been a year full of questionable celebrity┬árear ends and serious faux butt scandals. From Nicki Minaj’s startling round backside to famed Miami dancer Blac Chyna’s faux ample bottom, girls everywhere are adopting this trend. Enough, let it go.

Graphic T-Shirts

Reality TV show stars have used and abused the art of the graphic t-shirt. We are tired of seeing these get rich quick t-shirt schemes.

Stiletto Nails

Pointy daggers for finger nails are getting played out. Rihanna and Lady Gaga started this trend, but for 2012, a round oval nail shape may be a fresh alternative.

Celebrity Look-a-Likes

It’s OK to be yourself. In 2012 we hope more girls embrace their own individual style and break the mold instead of trying to look like popular celebrities.

Bad Lacefront Wigs

Enough said.

Leaked Sex Tapes

We are so tired of “leaked” celebrity sex tapes, cell phone pictures, and exposed sexting messages.

Singing Celebrities

Anyone can get into the studio these days. Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Miss Lawrence, Kim Zolciak, and Sheree Whitfield, have all been putting their vocals to their test and hitting the stage. It’s time for all of this mess to have a seat come January 1st.

Join in the chat. What are some trends you hope never make it into

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