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Trina Accepts That ‘It’s Natural For Men To Cheat’: 5 Reasons Why It’s Not

Trina Accepts That ‘It’s Natural For Men To Cheat’: 5 Reasons Why It’s Not

Last week, Trina stopped by for an interview at The Breakfast Club Morning Show where she made a few interesting comments on men, relationships, and staying faithful.

Do you believe a man can be in a committed relationship and not cheat?
I believe a man can be in a committed relationship, but they’re definitely going to slide out and do some other little stuff. It’s just natural.

Is it something you can forgive?
I’m not going to say I’m going to watch and know everything that you do. If I find out, of course, I’m pissed because I don’t like cheaters. But I just know as a woman and just the reality of it that men are going to do their thing. As long as you don’t know and it’s not in front of you, it’s nothing. You can’t do nothing about it unless you knock on the door and catch them in the act.

Although Trina may feel that’s it’s natural for men to stray, here are several reasons why women shouldn’t turn a blind eye when their man tries “to slide out and do some other little stuff.”

1. There’s nothing wrong with dating and seeing multiple people if that’s what he’s into. But he needs to stay single if cheating crosses his mind. It’s unnecessary to get involved in a relationship if there are no intentions of remaining monogamous or faithful.

2. If a man is unhappy in a relationship, he owes it to his partner to let her know and break it off. Why cheat? All that does is bring more drama, heartache, confusion, and guilt. It’s better to sever ties and move on instead of sneaking around in hopes of not getting caught.

3. Cheating is a full time job. Not only does he have to remember all of the names of his mistresses, he has to remember the little white lies he told each of them; their individual birthdays; future plans he may have made; and specific times to call, text, or email each of them every day. But hey, if you’re OK with him yelling out Tracey’s name in bed when he should have screamed yours, that’s on you.

4. Let us not forget the health reasons. If he’s creeping around and you are unaware, he can put you at risk for STDs.

5. Sleeping around can lead to him fathering a child outside of your relationship. In turn, his new addition will take away from his finances and can lead to baby mama drama that you don’t want to deal with. So say goodbye to future vacations, date nights, and any ounce of quality time you used to spend together.

What’s your take on Trina’s comments? Do you agree that it’s natural for men to cheat while in a committed relationship?



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