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Up For Discussion- Angel “Lola” Luv: All Looks, No Talent?

Up For Discussion- Angel “Lola” Luv: All Looks, No Talent?

You remember Angel “Lola” Luv, also known by her rap name “Lola Monroe.” She was a stripper, turned video vixen, turned rapper who has gotten far in her career based largely off of her looks.

Yes, she’s gorgeous, yes she has a unique style, and yes she’s known for her big booty, but does she have any real talent? She was surprisingly nominated for a BET Hip Hop Award this year, and Rapper Wiz Khalifa just signed her to his Taylor Gang crew … but why?

Have you listened to her music?

“Louis this, Gucci that, and my p***y tastes so good” is all she raps about.

Sure she’s very nice to look at, and when featured in various music videos, lives up to her part as far as providing the eye candy. However, there are a few things wrong with this picture.

1. The odds are against her

Known as a former stripper, Ms. Monroe already has a lot to prove for people to take her serious with her music. As long as she keeps singing about her lady parts, buying expensive bags and shoes, and driving nice cars … she’ll stay the laughing stock and prove everyone right as to why she didn’t deserve to have that nomination at the BET Awards.

2. She’s not being competitive

Who’s the biggest rap female in the game right now? Hopefully you said Nicki Minaj. Minaj sets the bar for where Monroe needs to be if she wants to stick in this competition and really steal a crown. She’s about to drop her new single and two new mixtapes, one of them titled “The Crown Ain’t Safe.” Hmm, how fitting. I sure hope she brings her A-game and says something with some meaning.

3. She doesn’t bring anything new to music.

“I got that juice man p***y make a ni**a say aye.” “He say the p***y taste like Henny and it got a sweet aroma.”  Been there, done that, we’ve heard all of these lines before. A better angle for her to really catch her audience off guard would be to talk about something that actually had some substance and make us change our minds from thinking that she’s just a pretty face.

Don’t take this post as hate or shade, I just wish she would step her game up outside of talking about being dominated by her man on top of a stove and how many stacks she spends a day. This should be interesting to see if Wiz can mold her music into something worth listening to.

On another note, did you see her photoshoot pictures? She takes great photos, maybe she should just stick to modeling and leave the rapping to Nicki.

–mckenzie harris

What do you think?

Is Lola Monroe all looks and no talent? Does she have a shot at becoming a legit female rapper?

Watch her video “Louis, Gucci, Fendi” featuring Los below to help make your decision.


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