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Up For Discussion: Do You Have An Alter Ego Sex Personality?

Up For Discussion: Do You Have An Alter Ego Sex Personality?

On the recent premiere of VH1’s “T.I. & Tiny,” the southern couple openly displayed their love and affection for everyone to see.

Tiny brought up her alter ego by the name of, “Rider”, who loves to make her appearance in the bedroom with T.I.

Tiny said, “Tip loves Rider.” We aren’t surprised, because the way Tiny was talking to T.I. at the dinner table, telling him to keep his martini glass so they can use it later, had us thinking Tiny enjoys getting freaky behind closed doors.

Sometimes it takes an alter ego personality in the bedroom to bring out your adventurous side. Talking Pretty talked to 10 different men and they gave us the rundown on what women can do to amp it up a notch in the sheets. Take a look at what they said below.

1. “Talk dirty to us and ask questions. Say things like “Do you like when I do that?” but in a really sexy voice. That get’s us going.” -Trev

2. “Wear boy shorts. We love to see when the booty is hanging out but still has a little mystery.” -Ian

3. “Bring toys and props like handcuffs and maybe a vibrator.” -Justin

4. “Use stuff like fruit, whip cream, and chocolate. I probably saw that in a music video but I’ve always wanted to try it.” -Darrius

5. “I would love for a woman to dominate me. I don’t want to run things in the bed all the time. Take charge and be a little aggressive letting me know exactly what you want.” – Mark

6. “When a woman role plays, it’s so sexy. We can just reenact a scene from a sexy movie.” -Terrence

7. “If she watches pornography with me that is such a turn on. I might wife her.” -Steven

8. “This girl I knew once licked and nibbled on my neck and I loved it. That’s a move every guy likes.” -David

9. “Personally I like to be kissed and licked all over my body too. I think women think men aren’t into that and they are. Kiss away ladies!” -Tyrone

10. “Set the scene with candles and lingerie. Setting a different mood from the usual can make it more exciting.” -Chase

Ladies, what do you think about these tips? Do you think an alter ego sex personality makes things more fun in the bedroom?

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