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Up For Discussion: What Would You Do If Your Man Tracked You With A GPS?

Up For Discussion: What Would You Do If Your Man Tracked You With A GPS?

Have you ever been in a relationship and suspected that your man was cheating on you? If so, what did you do? Did you just flat out ask him? Stalk him? Go through his phone until you found something?

According to a Cosmopolitan Magazine poll, “31% of men say they would track their girlfriend or wife via a GPS device if she wouldn’t find out.”

A man who feels it necessary to track his woman with a GPS device without her knowing, is one of three things: insecure, potentially crazy, and cheating himself. Let’s break this down.

1. He’s insecure

If your man suspects you’re stepping out on him and involved with someone else, he should ask you first. Tracking your every move shows signs of insecurity and lack of trust. A confident man would be handling his business in every aspect to ensure that his girls stays with him and only him.

2. He’s potentially crazy

Read the poll again. If a man who acts on tracking you down without your knowledge doesn’t show signs of crazy then I don’t know what does. Purposefully popping up at your private yoga session with your male instructor and accusing you of having an affair … means you need to run.

3. He’s cheating too

Tracking your every whereabout is a clever tactic for a cheater who plans to step out himself. He’s not trying to find you, he’s trying to avoid being at the same place you are for a good reason. He’s not quite ready for you and his side joint to meet.

What do you have to say ladies? What would you do if you found out your man was secretly tracking you with a GPS device?




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