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Usher Raymond’s Ex Wife Says ‘Gay Men Should Wear Wristbands’

Usher Raymond’s Ex Wife Says ‘Gay Men Should Wear Wristbands’

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond landed herself in a bit of hot water after she vented via Twitter about her thoughts of men on the “down low.”

After negative backlash from her Twitter followers, she took a minute to clear up her tweet, but still stood behind her statement.

The subject of men on the down low has been a pressing issue for African American women for quite some time now. Men who are confused about their sexuality, choose to be sexually active with openly gay men, and then quietly retreat to their alleged heterosexual lifestyle can be a danger to women’s health everywhere.

Being homosexual doesn’t always have a look, just like someone with a sexually transmitted disease may not always look infected.

Speak on it, what are your thoughts? Do you think Raymond was only speaking out on an issue that women think of often and don’t voice as frequently?

Should closeted gay man who “look straight” wear some kind of identification to keep them from putting women’s health in danger?


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