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Vivica Fox Calls It Quits With Her Man: 5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys

Vivica Fox Calls It Quits With Her Man: 5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys

Vivica Fox and longterm 27-year-old boyfriend turned fiance, Slimm, have decided to call it quits. Engaged last year, the ex couple won’t be getting married during the holidays this year like they had planned.

Fox said in an interview with Access Hollywood:

I was ready to do the family thing but unfortunately this didn’t work out. I had the courage to end things before we jumped the broom and wasted a lot of money.

On if she had the feeling it wasn’t going to work
Sometimes in relationships there are warning signs (I’ve been married before) and if there are warning signs you should pay attention to them before you get families involved, all the hoopla and things like that. If things aren’t working out, it’s okay to move on.

On if it’s hard to find a man in Hollywood
Sometimes when you’re successful you just have to make sure that someone is coming to you with real intentions. That means taking the time to get to know them for real and make sure they’re not dating you as the celebrity but they’re dating you as a person. I mean you are who you are if you are a celebrity. But that does make it a little bit difficult to make sure that someone isn’t marrying you for a shopping spree.

On if she has a specific type
To be honest with you, I don’t know. I told myself I’m going to try something different next time ‘cause I happen to fall in love with a six pack and a smile and look what that’s gotten me.

Most girls know what it’s like to fall in love or lust with a bad boy. Like Fox said, “falling in love with a six pack and smile” can be a risky thing. Here are our top five reasons, why women love bad boys.

1. Sex

Sex is the fist thing that can keep you with a bad boy. You know they may not be good for you and they don’t bring much to the table, but they satisfy your physical needs in a way no other man does.

2. Excitement

It’s exciting dating someone who may be totally wrong for you but adds excitement and short term thrill during your rendezvous. Bad boys take your mind off of all the other stresses in life and bring out your inner bad girl that likes to have fun. Call it the new day Bonnie and Clyde.

3. Their Confidence

If you’ve dated a bad boy, you know they have swagu through the roof. Their “I don’t need anyone” attitude can be such a turn on, making you want to stay by their side and see what else is in store. The way they walk, talk, dress and are respected by others is a trait that separates them from the rest.

4. The Risk

When dating a bad boy, there’s a very high chance he may not stick around for long. All the above reasons keep you with him, but also raise the bar for your heart to potentially be hurt when he chooses to keep it moving. You know all along that falling in love with a six pack and a smile is risky, but you do it anyway.

5. Safety

Every girl wants a man they can feel safe with. Bad boys typically carry a reputation and demeanor that reads they aren’t to be messed with. You can go anywhere with him and know that no one will mess with you.

Why do you love a bad boy?

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