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We Love Gabby Douglas! Hair Haters Go Away!

We Love Gabby Douglas! Hair Haters Go Away!


What is the purpose of talking about a beautiful 16 year old olympian in a manner that only promotes negativity?  Why is a young African American woman who is more than a solid representation of an intelligent, hardworking black child the butt of black jokes?  How could women who are glorified because of their sexual partners and physical aspects gain more respect than a young teenage girl who has done nothing but strive for success?

Black women and their hate for natural beauty are setting us back day by day.  We are worried about the wrong things.  The 2012 Olympics didn’t dare trump ‘Love & hip Hop Atlanta’ on Twitter’s trending topics until scandal crept into the picture.  Kobe Bryant shirtless with white girls?  LeBron James asks a swimmer out on a date?  Gabby Douglas didn’t get a sew-in before she hit the balance beam?  All of the above is irrelevant and uncessesary.

Gabby Douglas is an inspiration for young women all over the world.  Gabby Douglas proves that at any age, we can achieve what most deem impossible.  Gabby and her poor mother have maintained poise and class throughout the scrutinous events that have plagued our black thoughts.  We have taken the focus off her natural talent, her determination, and the sacrifices her and her family have dealt with, only to talk about something that can be easily fried, dyed, and blow dried.

Gabby Douglas has caught your attention, but completely for the wrong reason.  And sadly, this is an every day occurance in our black community.

When did we stop caring about progression?  When did we become completely enslaved by our own unobtainable social standards of beauty?


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