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Weave 101: What You Should Know Before You Purchase

Weave 101: What You Should Know Before You Purchase

Looking to add a little length to your mane this fall? We’ve got you covered with our expert’s top selections for extensions by both the pack and the ounce. Let’s start with the basics so the next time you visit the hair store or order online, the overwhelming selection of colors, textures, and lengths won’t be so intimidating.

Finding high quality hair is a very important step if you want an undetectable natural look. You want your hair to look beautiful and last the expected length of time without tangling or shedding. A lot of variables are factored in when choosing which hair is right for you. You have to consider your budget, the style you want, your own hair texture, and the maintenance it takes to keep up your look.–mckenzie harris

When choosing the right extensions, here’s what to look for:

GET hair that does not tangle or matte. Physically touch the hair and run your fingers through it to see what it feels like and if there is any shedding.

TAKE a close look at the hair’s texture and compare to your own if you plan to mix them. You want the closest match possible, so if your hair tends to be a little more coarse, go for extensions that have a coarse texture, and vise versa.

BLEND, it is key. Like we stated above, watch out for extra silky and shiny hair that overtime may be difficult to blend with your natural texture.

-If the store permits, see how well the hair takes to heat. Most hair stores have mannequin heads with hair already sewn on. Ask for a demonstration to see how well straight hair holds a curl and how well curly hair straightens out.

Quality hair store brands we like:

1. Bobbi Boss Indiremi
-Lasts 3-4 months, depending on the care
-Ranges from $60- $120 per pack

2. Remi Velvet
-Lasts 1-2 months, depending on the care
-Ranges from $60-$120 per pack

3. Remi Saga
-Lasts 1-2 months, depending on the care
-Ranges from $60-$120 per pack

4. Milky Way Premium
-Lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on the care
-Good for short term use
-Ranges from $35-$60 per pack

Best sites to visit for hair by the ounce:

-Bundle hair ranges from $30-$250 an ounce depending on length and hair type.

Note: You should spend at least $80 on a quality bundle of  3.5-4 ounces of hair. For a full head you will need an estimate of 8-12 ounces depending on the length and hair texture.

Recommended Products For Shine

1. Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, $8 for .85oz, Walgreens 2. Moroccanoil Treatment, $15-$39, 3. Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, $9 for 2.26oz, 4. Argan Oil Treatment, $7.99,
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