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What’s The One Trend You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In?

What’s The One Trend You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In?

Alicia Keys

Trends, trends and more trends. They come and go every season, circulating often through generations but revived with a modern twist … throwback 80’s stirrup leggings anyone?

Turbans, stiletto nails, jean skirts, jersey dresses, face tattoos, banana clips and the infamous half shaved head are just some of the trends that are currently circulating, or have left their mark in the past. We often look to celebs as our fashion inspirations, but they have had their fair share of fashion fails as well.

It’s funny to peek through embarrassing pictures of you and your friends or you in that outfit you thought you were working it in, but now look at and say “What the heck was I thinking?”

No need to be completely embarrassed, let’s take this moment to recap and reminisce. Tell us which trends you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing no matter what!

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