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What Do You Do? Celebrity Women Famous For Being Famous

What Do You Do? Celebrity Women Famous For Being Famous

While we can say just about all reality TV stars are famous for nothing, there is a heaping list of other individuals that cut out the reality route and made it into the spotlight from virtually no where. These individuals have slithered their way into fame through friendship, sex tapes, relationship, and basically anything but hard work.


Kim Kardashian

Kim K takes the lead for being famous for absolutely nothing. Well, I wouldn’t call it exactly nothing…her sex-tape with R&B singer, Ray J propelled not only herself, but her whole entire family into having an entire platform now worth over a million dollars. Not to mention, they weren’t that bad off before. Before they hit it big as the multi-million dollar brand “The” Kardashians. Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian was O.J. Simpson’s attorney. Completely lacking talent any talent, the Kardashians are famous for being famous. Now, boo’ed up with Kanye West, Kim K has once again hit the jack pot and has no intentions of leaving the limelight anytime soon.


Amber Rose

Speaking of Kanye, Amber Rose follows right behind for Kim Kardashian for being famous for no reason at all. Taking a similar route, Amber Rose used a man to propel her into the glamorous life. Before her days of gracing red carpets and paparazzi pictures, Amber Rose was stripper. Although her stripper days are over, her skin tight clothing and raunchy pictures kept buzz around her name after the split between her and the big-time rapper. However, Rose didn’t stay down too long. She was swept off her feet this time by Wiz Khalifa, who put a ring on her finger quick. For a second she attempted to spit some lyrics on a track with her fiance, although it pretty much failed, she still gets her props for trying. Amber Rose is currently the spokes model for Svedka.



Karrueche Tran

Karrueche, whether you think she’s dumb or not, is picking up some major buzz due to her very public relationship with Chris Brown. The two seem very happy, when he’s not dipping into Rihanna’s world that is. After all the rumors of the Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion in St. Tropez, Karreuche turned out to be in France with her man after all. Maybe she’s naive or maybe we’re all reading too deep into in the sitaution or maybe they have a steamy love triangle going on? Either way, Karreuche is soaking up her time in the limelight, she’s even trying to get a model career underway. You go girl!


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