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What Guys Like (EXCLUSIVE): Mindless Behavior on fashion trends, celebrities, and more!

What Guys Like (EXCLUSIVE): Mindless Behavior on fashion trends, celebrities, and more!


Mindless Behavior might be a group of young teenage boys, but they are very tuned into the fashion scene!  Before hitting the stage this past weekend during their “Mindless Behavior: All Around the World” premiere in Atlanta, GA, Talkingpretty, had a chance to catch up with the hottest boy group out (sorry TGT!) to talk about their fashion style, inspirations, and of course, what they like to see on women!

Of course we snagged a few pictures of the guys who are on trend with what’s hot in hip hop right now:




Favorite style trends: Glam Rock, Eclectic, Androgynous, Edgy.  Punk meets Urban

Style inspirations: Prince and David Bowie

Mindless Behavior’s Princeton’s look was exactly what he mentioned!  He mixed these cute Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers (which are hot in the urban world), and gold chains and vintage gold frames (androgynous), with a relaxed fit jean and a black and white Misfits tee (punk meets urban).


Ray Ray

Ray Ray is very knowledgeable about the fashion community, and new trends.  In between interviews, Ray Ray shared that if he wasn’t on the road with Mindless Behavior, he would have taken time to become a fashion designer.  Looking toward the game changers in hip hop fashion, Ray Ray is inspired by Designer Riccardo Tisci, who has worked with Kanye West and Jay-Z, and A$AP Rocky, who has also worked with Tisci.

P.S. He sees nothing wrong with the leather kilt!




Roc’s fashion style is definitely more urban, and a little more low key.  Roc leaves the big gold chains to the rest of the group, opting for a gold brimmed snap-back fitted.  Reppin’ California to the fullest, Roc tops off his navy boots and dark slim leg jeans with a USCB sweatshirt and a Popular Demand limited edition back and gold cheetah flag hat.  Roc doesn’t think too much into his fashion; he just does it.



Prodigy’s fashion tends to tread more casual than high fashion, but his accessories and hairstyles definitely make him stand out from the rest of the group.  Experimenting with blonde hair and donning tons of ear piercings, it’s evident that Prodigy isn’t afraid to takes risks.

Best described as more of a skater look, Prodigy rocked a vintage tee with light jeans and comfy black sneakers.  He jazzed up his outfit with a short, thick gold chain and an army fatigue Popular Demand snap back.

What does he like on girls: Prodigy is digging the new sneaker wedge and legging trend that all the girls are rocking lately.  Are you wearing his favorite trend?


– Renee Gardner

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