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Where Are They Now? For The Love of Ray J

Where Are They Now? For The Love of Ray J

Along with the death of celebrity dating shows, it seems that the contestants who were so thirsty for fame have fallen off the map as well. Ray J’s lovers are no different. Ray J’s hit show “For the Love of Ray J” had plenty of drama and mischief, sadly all the antics the women  pulled for television couldn’t keep their name in the limelight. They haven’t been completely erased from history though, some of them are known for in other spheres, such as porn or even fashion.

Caviar, the Russian and black, 5’10 model couldn’t gain Ray J’s love, but after the show she was tied to Bobby Valentino. She even appeared in videos with R-Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Twista.  Now an adult video actor she is most known for breaking a man’s penis. OUCH! She was also named one of 50 hottest black Adult Videos stars.

On the first episode, Chardonnay shocked the world as she dropped into a split for Ray J, which if that wasn’t enough she made herself into a human banana split on the second episode. Unfortuantely, Ray only saw her as a friend and even brought her back on season 2 to judge the new girls. Once her Ray J flame burned out, she toured looking for the Next Miss Banana Split. She also premiered a clothing line and started a Breast Cancer charity, Donna Nolley Foundation, for her mother  who died from cancer in 2004.

Danger, or Monica Leon, had Ray J interested from the moment he saw her. Her striking appearance, due to a large face tattoo, may have gained Ray J’s attention, but it also attracted a lot of haters as well. Danger, “smashed the homie” and was still hanging around until the final rounds, until she eliminated herself before meeting the family.  All of the ladies tried their stint and modeling, Danger was no different. She was also worked for Janky Promoters.  She married a man by the name of Gizmo and had a beautiful daughter. Even though she suffered through ugly rumors the first year of her baby girl’s life, the two seem happy now.

Unique, was already established in the entertainment industry as a reporter and came on the show looking to start her music career.  Her biggest rival on the show was Danger, bringing tons of drama and, of course, ratings. According to Media Takeout, she and singer Joe are now engaged and live in Atlanta while she owns her own management company.


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