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Why Do Women Stay With “No Good” Men?

Why Do Women Stay With “No Good” Men?


As much as we all want to believe that we are above such a horrible, self-inflicting act, the majority of us are guilty of hanging around a man after a relationship has gone sour.  After spending a long amount of time with someone that you care about, it becomes hard to let go, but in the end, we are hurting ourselves more than anything.

Before we start our list, let’s make this clear. A “no good” man isn’t limited to cheaters and physical abusers.


 Why would a woman stay with a “no good” man?

• She’s lonely and would rather have a broken man than no man at all.

• She has low self-esteem; or feels that she doesn’t deserve a quality man.

• Profoundly spiritual, she believes this man is her answered prayer and God has sent this man for her to fix.

• She is fearful of leaving him because of the negative repercussions.

• She believe that giving her all to one man will eventually make him her husband.

• Naiveté, she thinks he will change if she just loves him more, better, or harder.

Most women are conditioned to believe that they are the one who is responsible for making the relationship work and if the relationship fails, they are failures.

Don’t listen to friends, family members, or the media that will make you feel that your worth is measured by your ability to have a man or be in a relationship. Staying with your man should not cross over into hurting yourself.

We don’t always go looking for a “no good” man, many of us have a dating front until be become comfortable with our mate.  But if you choose the wrong man, you don’t have to stay in the relationship. At any time in the relationship, you can determine that he is not the man for you and end the relationship. Have enough self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love to cut your losses as soon as the relationship no longer feels right and you don’t want to be in it anymore.

Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t include hurting yourself.


Ladies let us know your thoughts.  Have you been in an unproductive relationship? How long did it take, and how did you get out of it?



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