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Why Does Every Woman Want to Be a Basketball Wife?

Why Does Every Woman Want to Be a Basketball Wife?

What is not to love about an athlete?  There are so many reasons under the sun and any woman can act like they don’t like an athlete (NBA players in this case) but in reality it’s all a lie.  I took to talkingpretty’s Twitter and asked a few of my friends what made them attracted to these basketball athletes and these were the top pros of an NBA player:

1.  They have a ideal look– tall, dark, and handsome

2.  Exclusivity– Your basket baller is entitled to the best of the best.  Gaining notoriety for his skill, looks, or personality, he’s the guy that can get into the hottest club just by a name drop- his own.

3.  Power– people listen to him, and feel like he is a role model to younger men.  He seems to have it all, and get it all.  Obviously, if you’re his girl, you’re entitled to the perks too.

4. Everybody wants him– There’s thrill to having a man that every woman desires to wake up to, to be seen with, and build a future with.  It gives some women that confidence that they need to feel like they are of importance themselves.

5.  And oh we can forget… PAID!

The reasons why women are gravitated toward a professional athlete may be a little bit vain but lets be real, it’s the truth.  Without the existence of an NBA player there would be no sites such as Baller Alert who prides itself on the latest Baller gossip, or shows like ‘Basketball Wives’ who give a platform to women who caught the experience, but have yet to catch the bouquet.  NBA players keep the entertainment business booming and the club scene popping.

Most women don’t realize that there are a lot of emotional negatives to the superficial positives.  Sadly women look to basketball players so that they can be on the ‘come up’ while others, who were there before the fame, are actually in love with these men.

Whether by choice or chance, professional athletes are always in the media. There are so many different sites that continuously update the new baller girlfriends, wives, and may even spill the tea on a few jump offs.  I visited the Player Wives site and found a few photos of women (some familiar faces) that have scored the game winning shot, winning these NBA men that women adore as the grand prize.

Take a look at the gallery below of women with their athlete husbands/boyfriends…

-Europe Angelique


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