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Would You Date This Guy? Landon Collins

Would You Date This Guy? Landon Collins

The apples don’t far from the tree and they hardly go far.  A relationship between your guy and his mother can give you all of the answers you need before you find out the hard way.

Recently, Landon Collins earned national headlines. After a stunning performance at the 2012 Under Armour All-America Football Game,  the nation’s #1-ranked safety prospect sat down with ESPN to announce his commitment to Alabama.

Surprisingly, his mother showed her supreme dissatisfaction on National Television and reason being “she felt disrespected by the coach” and didn’t believe he valued her son’s education.

Reading this story, a few things made the sirens go off:

Does she wear the pants? We all know most parents are always going to want the best for their children, but to what extent or age is a mother’s opinions to determine her child’s future?

Where’s the communication? Isn’t this one of those things that most people discuss with their families before they announce it to the public? A family should be on the same page- the lines of communication should be open and understood. If there was a lack of communication or miscommunication with his own mother, how do you think that reflects on others?

Is she always going to act like this? She’s on national tv and she can’t show the ultimate support for her son? Was her happiness more important than his?

Ladies, tell me what you think? Have you ever been in a relationship where your guy’s mother had complete control?

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