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Ywada talks fashion, natural hair, and women empowerment

Ywada talks fashion, natural hair, and women empowerment



R&B singer and fashion lover, Ywada sat down with to give us the details on what’s new in her life.  Just wrapping up a national tour with Fantasia Barrino, and performing at popular events like ATL Live on the Park, we were super excited to gain a little insight from someone who is definitely ‘talking pretty’.

As we talked about everything from fashion to the election, take a look at some of our favorite highlights.


How she describes her music and fashion:
classy and sexy with an urban flare.


Beauty Must Haves:
Beauty- lip gloss
Natural Hair products- Tea Tree Oil, Jajoba oil, and DHerb Hair Vitamins.


Fitness Tips (great for the road or at home):
“I try to eat really good. Its not always easy but, I stay in Whole Foods for my water and fruit. Its good for my energy . And yes I need my cardio, so anytime Im in a hotel I try to find a gym – its wonderful!”


 After so much discussion about Gabby Douglas’ Hair, Cosmetic procedures, and an Election heavy on women’s rights, what is your one hope for black women for 2013?
 “First of all I think that Gabby Douglas is an amazing athlete and I wasn’t concerned about her hair. I was just proud of her! She’s a beautiful young lady who worked hard to reach her goal. I would hope to see in 2013 African-American women using those rights in a a positve way and also educating our young African American women on how to use these rights. We have to empower each other so that we may continue to grow.”


2013 plans/goals:
“2013 is my year. I have some great things in store . I am looking to make more real good feel good music tours, more music videos, and more success. Last but not least I’m looking forward to my album “Me Against Love” to drop. Im also looking forward to greater possibilities. I don’t limit myself.”


Stay tuned for Ywada, but in the meantime, take a look and listen to Ywada’s recent music video, “Thought I Was Loved”




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