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14 Fashion Tips to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

14 Fashion Tips to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s decision time. What to buy, what to skip, and what to watch out for. With these tips to jumpstart your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you will be able to pull together any look no matter what challenge you may face. –mckenzie harris




1. Nothing says clean and crisp quite like a fresh white cotton button-down. They add a classic touch to your ensemble, and are an essential wardrobe staple piece. Stock up, because this item has a short shelf life. Don’t over-bleach, it can cause yellowing, and refresh regularly.

2. Accessorize in brights. Bold hued shoes, bags, and jewelry add the perfect amount of energy to a closet full of neutrals.

3. Know the secret to stretch. For a soft but formfitting tee, you need 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Lycra spandex. Don’t forget about your jeans, they need at least 2 percent Lycra.

In-Power Line Super Higher Power in "cocoa", $38,

4. Embrace your shape and think in multiples. Once you’ve figured out which silhouettes flatter your figure best, stick with it and buy doubles. When it works, why question?

5. Make a list before you shop, but with a twist. Instead of jotting down what you want to buy, write down the top ten favorite items in your closet. This will help you zero in on pieces that mesh with what you already own.

6. Hit the dressing room prepared. If you’re out shopping for that ultra sassy dress, bring your tummy or thigh slimmer with you to get a true feel of how the dress will fit.

7. Always check your rear before leaving the house. Every angle matters, so like what you see before you head out.

8. Layering your necklaces is one of the easiest ways to add zest to your collarbone. Try a femme piece with edgy chains, feathers with beads, or pearls with diamonds.

9. When in doubt, wear nude pumps. An instant way to lengthen those gams.

10. Upgrade your buttons on your jackets and sweaters.

11. Own one thing that’s leopard, shoes, a belt, or even a chic pair of gloves. It’s timeless, racy enough, and always glamorous.

Leopard gloves, $17.95,

12. Build a relationship with a tailor or dressmaker. Nothing raises the quality of moderately priced clothes more than having them altered to suite your shape.

13. If you have a limited budget, spend it on accessories … they can really elevate your look.

14. Create your own look book of style and outfit inspirations, so you will have a quick reminder of what to wear the next time you’re in a crunch.

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