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3 Closet mistakes to stop making

3 Closet mistakes to stop making


1. A lot of people organize their closets by color. Others hang their clothes by type… tops, bottoms, dresses. While those systems are a great place to begin, it sometimes helps you think more creatively to mess up the order. Already have a few favorite go to outfits? Stash them together. Place patterns together next to bold or traditional cut pieces that could easily be thrown together. The options will be endless!

2. Create a “statement” section. This section could contain over-the top sequin crop top you wore last New Years Eve or those brightly patterned pants you wore all summer long. If you create a section in your closet solely consisting of your wardrobe VIP’s, you can quickly point out the items you haven’t worn in a while, which makes outfit-designing a much quicker process.

3. Short on space? Instead of stuffing your beloved frocks under the bed or behind already hung items where you end up forgetting they even exist, make the most of your closet with stackable shelves available in a variety of colors and sizes at places like Ikea, Target and Home Goods.

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