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4 Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer

4 Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer

Don’t have time to work out before a special occasion? No worries! You can look instantly slimmer in your fall fashions with these four simple solutions.



1. Streamline shoes and legs. Go monochrome with a variations of shades of the same color from head to toe. Strategically place the darkest shade  where you want the most slimming, then go a shade or two darker for the shoes. The effect: thinner and taller.

2. Two words: Structured jacket and pencil skirt. The structured jacket creates wanted curves, while slimming the waist at the same time. A pencil skirt is a gift from heaven as it accentuates in all the right places, creating an hour glass shape. The two are a dynamic duo together and apart they are just as stunning.

3. Define your waist. Avoid anything shapeless. You may think your hiding something, but all you’re really doing looking square. For hour-glass shapes belts are great, but for apple-shapes a little waist tapering is just the trick.

4. Wear strategically placed blacks. The old myth about wearing black makes you slimmer, doesn’t mean dress all in black and bring the mood down. The slim-ifying secret works best if you place your blacks where you want the most slimming. Then opt for colorful shoes or a cute blazer.

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