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5 Clever Tips For Dressing Taller

5 Clever Tips For Dressing Taller

Model Eva Marcille is following all the rules with her V-neckline, short hem, and sky high heels.

Don’t always want to wear heels for a little added height? Refinery 29 listed five very clever tips to give the illusion of being taller than you really are. Keep reading for more.


Large blocks of color elongate, so really take advantage of the colorblocking trend by finding solid-hued tops and bottoms.

High Waists

Anything with a higher rise will elongate your legs. Find skirts and trousers that hits at your natural waist (or, if you’ve got more of a narrow, straight build, right at your belly button).

Nude Pumps

Any heel that shows off the tops of your feet without straps to interrupt the line (i.e. pumps) is going to make your legs look longer. Really take it to another level by picking one in a nude color, that basically extends the line of your leg to the ground.

Crop Tops

Now, we’re not talking about Clueless proportions. Tops that stop right at your waist make your legs seem longer. We love wearing our shorter sweaters with swing dresses and full skirts.

Choker Necklaces

Just go with us on this one… it works, we promise! Choker necklaces draw the eye up and make your neck look longer. Chokers that sit right at the base of your neck tend to look the most natural.


Bonus Tips:

-Stand up straight. Your posture can make a huge difference in how others perceive you and your height.

-Create vertical lines with your clothing and accessories and avoid horizontal lines. Vertical lines will make shorter women look thinner and taller.

-Wear garments with V-necklines. A V-neckline creates a vertical line and draws attention to the face, making the wearer look taller.

What are some of your tricks to looking taller?

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