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5 Things to do During Fall NYFW 2012

5 Things to do During Fall NYFW 2012

Fashion Week is here!  While you are planning your trip to the fashion capitol, NYC keep in mind 5 things to do during Fall Fashion Week 2012.

1.  Fashion Night Out:  Thursday September 6, 2012 is Fashion Night Out!  Just about every clothing and department store in New York participates in the festivities with special sales, celebrity appearances, and a sneak peek at what is to come for next season.  Some stores have private parties but most are open to the public to shop til you drop and just engage into the fashion.  If you can make it to NY early enough in the week, FNO is a must.

2.  Presentations and Shows:  There will be tons of shows to preview.  An early RSVP is strongly suggested because space is usually limited.

3.  Check out hotel parties:  New York has some of the best hotels and during Fashion Week they host some of the hottest parties.  If possible I strongly suggest checking out these parties.

4.  Shopping:  How can you possibly hit NY without shopping?!  Fashion Week is the best time to shop because of all of the sales that will be taking place.


5.  Clubs! :  During Fashion Week only the hottest parties will be taking place.  Take advantage, have a good time, and milk the crowd for what it’s worth.

Hopefully you will keep those 5 activities will keep you busy, enjoy!

-Europe Angelique


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