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6 Designer Denim Brands That Flatter Every Figure

6 Designer Denim Brands That Flatter Every Figure

Bloomingdale's Denim Expert, Jazmine Walker

Shopping for jeans can be a breeze when you’re familiar with the perfect fit, length, and brand for your body type. For those who aren’t so jean savvy, Talking Pretty got all the details from Bloomingdale’s Denim Expert, Jazmine Walker, on which jeans flatter every figure.

Check out what we talked about below.

What are the perfect jeans for taller girls who need length?

I would go with the Joe’s jeans “Micro-mini Flare” (pictured below). The jeans are really fitted, have a slight bootcut and look really good when you wear them with heels. Also when you’re tall, you may want to go with a smaller pocket. J Brand jeans and Paige jeans are really known for their smaller pocket. Smaller pockets are more flattering as well as high waist because it accentuates your figure and makes you look longer.

What jeans are best for girls who want the appearance of a bigger booty?

You should definitely go with something on the pocket like a design. Seven jeans have the “A” pocket, Hudson jeans have the flap, and True Religion has the horseshoe. A stretchier jean is also good because if you have some curve back there, it will accentuate it. If you don’t have much curve, you should do a midrise or lowrise jean.

What about jeans that flatter curvier figures?

Straight leg is really good for curvier figures. Joe’s Jeans has a pair called “The Booty Fit”, and they fit really good for that curvaceous women who has hips or butt of any sort. Also Seven Jeans have something called “The Kimmies” (pictured below), they are by Kim Kardashian. She has them in different varieties of colors and styles and they fit absolutely amazing. She made them for her butt and they fit really well. They have a contoured waist which means they fit all around, and come up higher in the butt area, so when you go to sit down everything isn’t showing.

What are the best jean brands for petite women that they don’t have to worry about getting altered?

We have a brand called “AG” that comes in petite, Citizens of Humanity come in petite, True Religion occasionally come in petite, and Joe’s has really nice petite jeans. Petite women should go with a bootcut or a slim bootcut. Women who are shorter should not wear really flared jeans because it makes them look shorter.

Kimmie Curvy Bootcut with Contour Waist in Mon Tete Rouge, $178,
JOE's JEANS Skinny Micro Flare, $174,




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