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Curvy girls’ guide to wearing shorts and skirts this summer

Curvy girls’ guide to wearing shorts and skirts this summer

Garner Style

If your thighs touch, you are all too familiar with the chafing, redness and rashes that can occur from wearing shorts and skirts in the summer heat. Plus size blogger, Chastity Garner Valentine gives  pointers on how to avoid the “jiggle” and “chub rub” when wearing shorts and skirts this summer.

Bandelettes in Black Onyx

Probably the most genius invention for women since mascara. Bandelettes are lace bands that fit on the upper thigh area preventing the thighs from rubbing together. You can wear them discretely or you can have them show underneath a pair of jean shorts for an added lace look. They can also double as lingerie! You can purchase them here for around $14.99

hooked up shapewear

When in doubt, good ole’ fashion, breathable shape wear will do the trick. It holds everything in tight and creates a cloth barrier between legs to prevent chaffing. Garner recommends Hooked Up Shapewear. A pair of high waist mid-thigh shorts will run about $68.00

Monistat chafing relief gel

Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel glides on as a gel and turns into a powder like consistency creating a smooth surface and providing relief from chafing.


If you’re in a bind and can’t wait for a shipment delivery, try using whatever solid deodorant you use under your arms.

The most important rule …

Plus size shorts

Don’t be afraid to let your legs show!

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