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Denim Care Tips Every Pretty Girl Should Know

Denim Care Tips Every Pretty Girl Should Know


Denim is important to take of!  Before you waste of pair of good jeans that can last a lifetime here are some tricks to taking care of your jeans.

Before you get your jeans altered, you should take them home and wash them because they will shrink.

When washing denim, you should let them air dry and never dry them in the dryer. **The only time you would dry your jeans is if they were getting too big and you need them to bounce back.

I watched an old GAP commercial and found out a cool tip.  The secret is putting your jeans inside of a plastic bag, tying it up, and putting it inside of the freezer.  Keep them in for a couple of hours and voilà it kills all of the bacteria off of them.

You should really invest into your denim.  You may wonder what the benefits are of buying premium denim.

Premium denim is an awesome investment because you will be able to wear them more often. Premium denim gets used to your body, making them for a great wear every time.

It is important to know that when you shop at major department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales etc.,  you get a warranty on your jeans. So if they rip, you can bring them right back and they will be replaced with the same style.  That’s another reason why they are a great investment.

Lastly, You should always get your jeans the correct size or a size smaller because if you get them too big, they will fit baggy on your butt in no time and you don’t want that. The more stretch the jeans you denim has the more they are going to stretch on your body. If you can put your hands in your pocket, you’re good.

Try those tips out and let us know if you have any denim care tips!


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