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Designer Condoms … Are You Buying It?

Designer Condoms … Are You Buying It?

Marc Jacobs designer condoms (Photo: ebay)

Contraception is getting really fancy. Designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with the fashionably chic condom brand, Proper Attire, to design limited edition condoms.

According to, Minkoff said “I loved the idea of designing a condom that was made by a woman for a woman. I got to use my classic studded design and apply it to the packaging, making a condom that girls can feel comfortable carrying with them.”

Minkoff created three different styles in “basic”, “dots”, and “sheer” with animal print and polka dot patterned wrappers, retailing at $5.99 for a three-pack.

We’ve heard of contraception cases made for women to disguise their birth control, as well as the Just In Case condom cases targeted towards women to make them feel more comfortable carrying protection with a little style.

Marc Jacobs personal message on condom

Even designer Marc Jacobs has created his own brand of Marc Jacobs latex condoms that are available only at Marc Jacobs stores for $1.50. Not only do they come in a fashionable hue of blue, Jacobs also included a personal message that reads, “REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST! xxoo, MARC JACOBS.”

What’s wrong with being safe and stylish? Some may argue that a woman who carries accessible condoms creates a negative image of herself, suggesting that she frequents in sexual activity. But others counter that she’s doing the right thing by being safe and prepared.

Would an aesthetically attractive condom make you feel more at ease while on the go? Would it be less awkward or embarrassing if a chic Chanel logoed wrapper accidentally fell out of your purse rather than a gold magnum?

Hey … safe sex is the best sex. What is your take on it? Has fashion made it cool to pack  rubbers? –mckenzie harris

Rebecca Minkoff limited edition condoms
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