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Do You Live in a Fashionable City? Top U.S. Cities for Fashion

Do You Live in a Fashionable City? Top U.S. Cities for Fashion

Does your city live up to your fashion standards or are you the chicest person walking the streets? Surprisingly, the dream city for fashion designers and models, New York is not the #1 spot for fashion in America. So before your ditch your fashion-flawed hometown, you might want to check out what cities did make the fashion savvy cut. compiled a list of the America’s most and least fashionable cities to live. The test selected 50 of the largest cities in the country based on population and then ranked them according to the percentage of “fashion-conscious households” they contained.

Irvine, CA, home to the rich “Housewives of Orange County,” ranked #1, while Atlanta didn’t make the top ten, it still made the list at #17. New York hit the list at #2 and Los Angeles, came in third place.

Irvine, CA ranks #1 city for fashion.

We knew New York would be close behind, ranking #2.

Taking it back to the West Coast, Los Angeles ranks #3 for most fashionable city in America.

Think these ranking are surprising? Check out the rest of the list to see what cities ranked high for fashion and others that did the exact opposite.

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