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Dos and Don’ts in Home Decorating

Dos and Don’ts in Home Decorating

Spring is fast approaching. With that in mind, it’s time to do some Spring cleaning and get your space in order. Here are some great do’s and don’t for decorating tips that you should consider! Happy Decorating!

Dos of Decorating

  • Do take your time decorating. I once read that decorating is a lifelong process, so enjoy it!
  • Do incorporate unique purchases from your travels. This is your thumbprint that makes your home uniquely yours.
  • Do hit estate sales, flea markets, ebay, & Craigslist! The deals & unique items you can find are unbelievable & WAY cheaper than antique stores.
  • Do figure out your color scheme. One of the many cool things about living in a digital age is  the ability to pull up multiple screens to see how different items look next to each other, that was a Godsend in my decorating process!
  • Do visit hotels & restaurants prior to decorating for inspiration. Kelly Wearstler is my hotel decor guru & I’m always googling her latest projects for inspiration!
  • Do mix high and low priced pieces. Just like dressing it’s OK to mix expensive items with thrifted finds. Case in point the $600 Adler lamp sitting on the $12 Ikea table.
  • Do have fresh flowers or a plant or two. I can’t tell you how much of a difference having something alive does to a room!

Don’ts of Decorating

  • Don’t buy an entire set from the same store. Sets are totally dated & old school. Mix and match funk it up!
  • Don’t purchase a big ticket item without giving much thought to how it will work in your room. You can love something but it ultimately has to make sense for the space.
  • Don’t feel rushed to complete a room & purchase in haste. I’ve always regretted doing this with my guest bed room. It won’t feel you, & you’ll never be satisfied with it.
  • Don’t get caught up in sticking to a central theme, it’ll stifle your creativity & make a room seem to structured. You want the space to feel thrown together & effortless!
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! This is YOUR home YOUR life, experiment until you’re happy!

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