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Fashion Rescue: Little Black Dresses Under $40 from Target!

Fashion Rescue: Little Black Dresses Under $40 from Target!



I am the type of woman who instantly thinks about what i’m going to wear the minute i’m invited to an event.  During this past BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, I was invited to a private Black and Red Dress affair and to much dismay, I didn’t have a dress or much time to shop for one.

You don’t have a black dress!?

Clothes get old.  It happens.



Let’s get this straight, I have black clothes, I have black skirts, but none of it was appropriate for a semi-formal cocktail event.  The dress that I needed had to say three things about me when I walked in the room.


– I am professional. I need to be taken seriously.

– I am fashionable.  I know how to dress for a cocktail dress occasion.

– I am youthful, cute, and I don’t need to show my goodies.

It’s hard to convince someone you’re about business in a tiny leather skirt. Unless, that is your business.  Needless to say, I headed for the one place that I knew wouldn’t break by budget savvy ways, nor expose my goodies to the world: Target.

I went for the classic 3/4 Sweater Dress, which looked and felt great.  I matched it with two different shoes; red patent leather (they kill my feet) and knee high flat black leather boots, and a simple pendant.




I am definitely heading back to the store for more black, and possibly, this dress in another color.  Are you looking for a new Fall black dress?  Take a look at 7 great styles I found at Target for under $40!

Me and Videographer Andy Benny. it’s dark, but you get the point. :)


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