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Get To Know Bow Tie Designer Tiffany Rogers of ‘knot by TIFFA’

Get To Know Bow Tie Designer Tiffany Rogers of ‘knot by TIFFA’

knot by TIFFA Creative Director, Tiffany Rogers

Name: Tiffany Rogers

Occupation: Creative Director at knot by TIFFA
Lives in: Newark, DE

Tell us about your line.

knot by TIFFA is a collection of men’s bow ties inspired by the varieties of music that make up the soundtrack of my life. We take a fresh position on prints and color, varying from the average bow tie.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

In high school, I started designing figure skating dresses, and from there took a beginners fashion class.  Designing skating dresses required the interpretation of music to clothing, and that principal has stayed with me as I continue to design.

How long have you been designing bow ties?

knot by TIFFA was conceived in January of 2011.

Who are your fashion inspirations and how have they impacted your line?
knot by TIFFA "Portraits" bow tie

Tracy Reese has become a great influence in my life.  She hired me right out of undergrad and taught me the ins-and-outs of apparel development and production.  She is an incredible person and has taught me that one can have a successful fashion career, and still remain humble and gracious.

Describe your style in five words.

Colorful.  Personal.  Charismatic.  Smart.  Functional.

Does your work reflect your personal taste in fashion?

I am a big fan of colorful and inventive prints, which translates through knot by TIFFA’s offering of different prints besides just the stripe/plaid/polka dots that are usually found in bow ties.  What has been important to me is to learn what type of prints men feel comfortable wearing, that are still unique to the bow tie market.

Describe the man who wears your line?

The man that wears knot by TIFFA is looking for a bow tie that is going to make a statement when he enters the room.  It doesn’t matter his age or affluence, his personality draws others towards him. His overall style is notable, classic, and respected by his peers.

What bow tie trends are in for fall?

knot by TIFFA "Sleep When I'm Dead" bow tie

For fall, the collection will have bolder, richer colors.  Deep navy, hunter green, and rich maroons are the key players in the fall color palette, with a demand for camouflage, striking paisleys, and unique florals as well.

What is the perfect outfit to wear a bow tie with?

The great thing about the current trend of bow ties is that they can be worn in casual to formal settings.  Right now, guys are wearing the bow tie in an every day look without too much effort, paired with shorts, and a nice button down short sleeved shirt.  Color play and fit are also important, because guys who wear bow ties best are also wearing clothes that have impeccable fit.

Where would you like to see your line be in five years?

I hope that knot by TIFFA can become brand that was built from the beginning to focus on the Triple Bottom line, success financially, socially, and environmentally.  To me, it’s not just about making clothes that are stylish, but to make sure that knot by TIFFA has a positive influence to those who are involved in creating the product.

Where can readers purchase your bow ties?

On the knot by TIFFA website

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