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Get Too Cool For School in a Fun Varsity Letterman Jacket

Get Too Cool For School in a Fun Varsity Letterman Jacket

Letterman Jackets on the Alexander Wang runway

Remember the day you received your hard earned letterman jacket? All those long hours spent on the count, field, and gym finally paid off with an official mark of achievement.  This fall it’s time to take it back to your high school days and layer up in style with a classic varsity letterman jacket.

Didn’t play sports in high school? You can still rock the look. Instead of wearing an oversized fit with patches, go for something short, fitted and simple. Pair the look with a girlie skirt, soft cotton tee, and sleek sneakers for a cool, casual approach. Take it to the rockstar level by sporting “all black everything” in a pair of fitted leather pants or leggings, a graphic shirt, and pumps or booties.

The key to the varsity jacket is that it no longer has to be so traditional. Flowy dresses, skirts, and graphic prints make the perfect chic contrast for layering. Wear it shrunken, with a hood, knit or wool, the options are plentiful. Want to take an authentic approach? Visit a local thrift store in search for a vintage varsity jacket that you can bring back to life. If the fit isn’t quite right, take it to be altered for your own custom fit.

Check out some great, affordable letterman jackets below to get started.

1. Letterman Jacket, Rachel Roy, $189, 2. Red Faux Leather Sleeve Wool Bomber Jacket, $116,
1. Leatherette SIV Varsity Jacket, $29.80, Forever 21 2. Element Sandbox Jacket, $79.50,
1. byCORPUS Varsity Jacket, $59.99, 2. Member's Only Baseball Jacket, $27.99,
1. Knit Letterman Jacket, $27.80, Forever21 2. Vintage Worm-in-Apple Letterman Jacket, $65, American Apparel





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