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How to Enjoy New York Fashion Week From Home

How to Enjoy New York Fashion Week From Home

If you’re someone who’s always on the go, sometimes that means that there are a few events that you might not be able to attend.  In the event that New York Fashion Week is one of those events, take a few notes from’s Guide to Fashion Week:


1. Follow, of course! is taking over 2012 Fall Fashion Week New York. Giving you the lastest scoop straight from the Big Apple. We have a lot in store so make sure you check in daily.


2. Go Live! The Internet is a beautiful thing. Since the shift in technology, the fashion industry has learned to adapt, and good for us because we can now see most of the runway shows online.  This year, we suggest that you check out for live updates.


3. Tweet it up! Most of our fashion savants are using the hastag #NYFW. This will help you find what everyone’s saying about the new lines, and who’s attending the shows.

4. Take notes! whether they’re mental, written, or a quick save of your favorite runway pic, make sure you take notes. In order to stay ahead of the curve you must pay attention to the designers, for they make the clothes.


Stay tuned and stay fashionable!


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