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How to Transition Your Bright Jeans into the Fall

How to Transition Your Bright Jeans into the Fall



We at ‘’ are firm believers of being fashion forward on a budget.  Check out some great tips from Eboni at the Style and Beauty Doctor on how to bring your favorite Spring/Summer jeans into the Fall season.  Show us know how it goes on Twitter @talkingpretty!


Today, we’re going to talk about transitioning a pair of bright jeans from spring to fall! I’m sure you’ve noticed that jeans in every color and print besides basic blue are really having a moment. For fall, we are going to see a lot of denim in bold colors and saturated jewel tones, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your bright denim! It’s all a matter of styling. Check out how I styled my hot pink jeans two ways below!


Wear Them Now (Spring/Summer)

A bright take on the still popular color blocking trend is perfect for summer! Play up your bright bottoms with a sheer blouse in an equally striking shade. Throw in some accessories in fun prints like I’ve done here or offset the bright pairing with neutral accessories if you’re not so daring.



Wear Them Later (Fall/Winter)

Color blocking still works in the fall, but try a complementary pairing instead of a contrasting combo like my pink and orange shown here! And, tame your bright bottoms with a grounding neutral shade. Black is always an option, but earthy shades like olive and tan are even better…just a little bit unexpected! My turtleneck topped with an olive green anorak is super warm and complements my jeans perfectly. Since I am essentially wearing my jacket as a shirt, I cinched the waist with a tan belt to match my tan booties and viola…my hot pink jeans are ready for fall!


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