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LBD: Little Black Dresses

LBD: Little Black Dresses

Ever looked through your closet to find something to wear and been struck with the realization that you do not own THE closet essential — The Little Black Dress? Black is slimming, it’s a universal color that looks good on everyone, its chic and oh did I mention slimming? I challenge you to find the perfect LBD! A very helpful tip from celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez –

Invest in one that’s special. Look for a dress with a detail—an interesting sleeve, an embellished belt—that makes it unique. And remember that finding the right fit is important!”
-Nicole Chavez, InStyle Magazine

With those tips in mind, I have found 3 dresses that fit the bill.

Give a little skin in this simple yet sexy LBD!


Open Shoulder BodyCon Dress

Check the other two sexy dresses after the jump…

Lace and Leather – Match made in Heaven!



Studio Dress with Leather Peplum Frill

LBD Splurge



Good Luck!


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