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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week International: Black Models Need NOT Apply

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week International: Black Models Need NOT Apply


For quite some time we have let out a small whisper about the lack of black models on the runway as we’ve watched endless designers showcase at the various fashion weeks.  Well guess what ladies, it’s time for us to speak louder!

As we get ready for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to hit NYC, we decided to check out a few catwalks in Sydney, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden, and we are deeply disappointed that we had to be the ones to say it.

There are no black models.

To be correct in our statement, we found 2 black models during the MYER show in Sydney Australia (which means, chances are, the designers didn’t really have a choice, and the models were picked by MYER staff), but is that really any better?  It’s sad to think that at a point where a plethora of our beautiful black women are the top celebrities, entertainers, and supermodels, we are still not equally represented.  The excuses have run their course, and frankly, we’re just simply over it.

We love fashion for it’s creativity and respect designers for their visions, but is it really possible that only a very small minority of designers thought that a beautiful black woman could execute their vision?

We can’t simply put blame on the international market for their lack of diversity, because there were a good amount of American designers who showcased their designs overseas as well.

Don’t believe us, check out this picture Whitney Port’s fashion show, the two beautiful black women who made the cut, and the designers they represented.

Whitney Eve Catwalk 2012- Sydney (Whitney Port center)


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