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Nip Slips and Keeping Your Breasts in Place

Nip Slips and Keeping Your Breasts in Place

Nicki Minaj performing on Good Morning America

Celebs just can’t seem to stay away from the nip slips … whether accidental or to gain some media attention. We’ve seen them all from celebrities like Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez. With Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj’s most recent slip while performing on “Good Morning America,” we thought a public service announcement that nip slips are totally preventable, was in order. Hey, it happens to the best of us, but here are our suggestions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. –mckenzie harris

Wear a Bra

You may think you can get away with wearing no bra underneath a sheer or semi-sheer top … but clearly it’s just not the best idea. A nude colored bra or bra that matches your skin color will appear seamless under a see through top … not to mention will protect your girls from “chilly environments.”

Double stick tape

In the case where you have an outfit that a bra cannot be worn, try using double stick tape. Its purpose is to stick to the fabric of your top or dress as well as stick to your skin to keep the top in place from moving around all night. If one piece of tape won’t do justice, then use as many as it takes to keep that bad boy in place.

Invest in Nip Covers

Ahhh, we don’t mean the kind like the infamous and sparkly pasties Lil Kim likes to wear, nor do we mean Vegas Show girl pasties either. Nipple covers (also called “petals”) are available in styles that are disposable, reusable, or silicone and they aren’t all for the glitz and glam. Try some disposable Fashion Form petals from Target that include six pairs of petals for $14.

Fashion Form Disposable Petals, $13.99, Target

Check, check, and triple check

Often times an item of clothing may be more sheer once you put it on than you initially noticed while on the hanger. It’s best to check your questioned garment in different lighting other than that of the dressing room. Ask a friend to let you know if they can see through your garb while in natural outdoor lighting, as well as in a photo when the flash is used. If you have a sexy top or dress that is on the revealing side, move your arms around, bend over, and sit down to see where any possible wardrobe malfunctions could occur while you’re out.

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