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Pretty Girl Chronicles: Celebrities Shop at Envy Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia

Pretty Girl Chronicles: Celebrities Shop at Envy Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia

Jilene Coggins is the owner of Envy Boutique located in (Lil 5 Points) Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in business since 1998 and this is the only location that she owns. Three words to describe this store –  sexy, edgy, and fresh! Those words fit the store perfectly as you will be able to see from the photos. Envy Boutique is any girls wonderland. It’s more than just a clothing store… it’s a boutique, makeup bar, hair salon, and photography studio all under one roof!

This store has a pretty reasonable price point. The items range anywhere from $20 – $200. The best sellers right now are the Levi’s highwasted shorts ($68), and of course the Jeffrey Campbell shoes ($100-$200). I was able to get a feel from the staff that work at Envy, they described that people choose their store because they want something unique that they can’t find at the mall.

Jilene has plenty of celebrity clients that shop with her. This list includes Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson, Taraji P. Henson, and Amber Rose just to name a few. Envy Boutique is really known for “putting together the look, not just buying an item” explained Coggins. This is why she has consistent shoppers in her store. A customer can find a top, bottom, shoes and accessories. When they shop with her they don’t have to step foot outside of her store.

I got to have a little bit of fun on this visit talking to Jilene about the hottest pieces to purchase for back to school and I got to take a look at a new line that Envy carries, Cupcake Mafia (pictured below).  Right now Envy is carrying a lot of camouflage, denim, and chain accessories that will be hot this fall.

When finishing my sentence, ‘Most of our Clients’ … Jilene finished by saying, “want what’s next, want to be the number one stunna in the club (laughs), and leave Envy satisfied.” This is defintely a store that no girl should pass up. It is a must visit trust me!

Take a look at the gallery below of the photos from my visit…

-Europe Angelique

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