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Six Tips for Surviving Fashion Week

Six Tips for Surviving Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is wrapping up for the season, but as most fashionistas now, it’s only but a few short months until we gear up for another week of the best designer events in the world. ¬† It seems as if every year, something different comes up, and though we can’t plan for every single fashion emergency, take a look at our 6 tips for surviving fashion week:

1. Lipstick for the pros. Who wants to take a million and one dives into their purse to constantly re-apply lipstick. Fashion week days are long, like 18 hours long to be exact so get long lasting lip color like the pros. A backstage secret is first patting on foundation, following up with layer of lipstick. Next, dust over the lips with translucent powder and finally, another coat of lipstick.

2. Strut it at home first! This might be the most important rule, because all though you want to break out your latest for the fashion event of the year, you don’t want to end up face planting the concrete or with aching feet after a long day of hurry up and wait. Opt for some of your shoes that are already broken in, preferably and wedge or a platform for comfort.

3. Bring everything. Like previously mentioned, Fashion Week days are long and you can’t risk your camera dying or your phone for that matter. So pack your camera, make-up, wipes, chargers and headphones in an cute pouch that fits easily in your purse.

4. Nipple Covers! Yes, they are essential, especially if you have any outfit changes. Nipple covers are the new T-shirt bra without the straps or hooks, plus it’s backless. It works for everything and it’s comfortable.

5. Bring a hot pad. Glamour’s executive editor, Susan Cernek, states that “Anna Dello Russo puts athletic heat patches onto the small of her back on chilly Fashion Week days so she can sport skimpy designer duds and still stay toasty.”

6. Clean up like a pro too. Need a quick make-up touch up or after the long day of wear and tear the best and easiest make-up removal tip is baby wipes. Backstage at Fashion Week, baby wipes are all the professional make-up artists secret weapon.

Source: Glamour

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