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Sneak peek: Rita Ora for Adidas Originals

Sneak peek: Rita Ora for Adidas Originals


Due to the success of her first collaboration with Adidas Originals Rita Ora circles back to add her artistic touch to a second collection for the urban sportswear brand.

On August 21, Ora’s follow-up collaboration described as a “…mutual admiration for breaking the rules and their shared rebellious natures” will be up for grabs.

In a press release, Adidas touched on why they chose to work with Ora for a second time: “Known as much for her fearless take on fashion, as for her head-turning musical collaborations, Rita Ora has carved herself a pedestal for her energy and original spirit.”

Ora added, “I have always been a fan of Adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality. I worked very closely with Adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career and my life. I’m really proud of the collection and beyond excited for my fans to get their hands on it!”

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