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Exclusive: Industry Tastemaker Tanaya Henry talks Lace by Tanaya jewelry line

Exclusive: Industry Tastemaker Tanaya Henry talks Lace by Tanaya jewelry line

Tanaya Henry is one of the industry’s tastemakers that is definitely on the rise.  She talked to TCM about the evolution of her career, being a Minnesota native moving to New York City and now residing in Los Angeles, California.  She talsk touched on her accessories line Lace by Tanaya, and she also dropped a few gems on her experiences so far.  Check out some of the interview below!

On how it feels to come from Minneapolis, Minnesota and be amongst the biggest names in the industry:

It feels great to be from Minnesota. I don’t really look at it like wow, I’m from Minnesota and I’m out here doing this.. I always knew I’d be doing something bigger than Minneapolis… But it does feel great to know that I made a huge move at a young age. I know so many people who’ve never left Minnesota.

On her move to New York City making a transition:

Yes. New York is amazing. It was an easy transition because I was always so thirsty for the city and what it had to offer.

Her go to accessories:

Lace Cuffs (

The first things that comes to mind:

Workout –

I need to

Another Round –


Gold –


Trey Songz –


Cleopatra –


Tanaya and Lace by Tanaya are actually in quite a few videos right now.  Check her in Tyga’s ‘Do My Dance‘, ASAP Rocky “F*ckin’ Problems”, and Games “Celebration” video just to name a few.

Read the entire interview over at TooClothesMinded!  In the mean time make sure to visit LaceByTanaya.

Twitter:  @TheTanayaShow

Instagram:  TanayaHenry

-Europe Angelique

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