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The Top 6 Items You Must Have In Your Professional Closet This Fall! (Under $50)

The Top 6 Items You Must Have In Your Professional Closet This Fall! (Under $50)

Your workplace isn’t a photo shoot, but people will always take notice of what you wear and how you carry yourself!

Before you go off on a shopping tangent, buying every single trend in the magazines, make sure you have the basics.  Your basics should be able to carry you throughout the season and beyond.  For those who spend most of their time working and being seen in a professional environment, take a look at the must-have items that make a big difference in your network.


H&M has the perfect casual dress pant for anything ranging from your next professional mixer, to a casual business dinner.  These regular-fit woven pants are tapered ankle which looks great with loafers or any presentable flat that you may have.

These pants in particular, retail for $24.95 and come in 4 different colors!



 These pants are perfect for the professional environment where suits are more suitable for the occasion.  As the weather gets cooler, you won’t be so comfortable in that knee length skirt.  Pair these wide-legged trousers with your favorite bold colored pointy toe stiletto and blazer.  The goal is to look like you stepped out of the boardroom so be mindful of that muffin top and your pant length.  If you’re trying them on without heels, make sure they are longer than your actual height.

These pants are from H&M and retail for $39.95



Ladies, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a well-fitted oxford shirt.  Here are a couple tips to take in:

1. A white oxford should be your first buy.  Any color from that point on should be an added selection to your wardrobe.

2. If buying a colored oxford blouse, choose a color that works well underneath suits, and in professional environments (NO PRINTS!)

3. Make sure your shirt fits properly.  The fitted shirt is usually your best best, because it is made to hug your curves and not fit too loose. However, a shirt that is too fitted is never acceptable.

4. Buy 2. You’ll thank us later.

 This shirt is from H&M, Retails for $19.95 and comes in a myriad of work-appropriate colors.

Though these pumps are a little over budget ($70.00 at Aldo Shoes), they are your best investment.  This 3.5 inch heel is perfect for a day at the office, as well as a night out on your feet.  Take a few tips from us:

1.  Sky-high heels make you look like a working girl, and not a girl at work.

2. Avoid Patent leather or suede, which are seasonal materials.

3. Everyone must have at least one pair of black heels in their wardrobe, two, if you are hard on your heels.

4. Closed toed and closed heels are the sure-fire way to look professional.  When work is at bay, your Sex and the City heels go away.



A cute sweater is always a perfect fit for your fall/winter wardrobe.  This open cardigan in particular is the perfect thing to keep at bay in the event the office is extra chilly, or you decided to dress down on a day that you should have done a little more.  Take a look at the model.  Her cardigan is covering up a skinny jean, tank top outfit.  With right accessories, this cardigan changes her whole look.

 This cardigan can be found at Forever 21 for $24.80. Did I mention it has pockets?



A scarf is the easiest thing to brighten up your outfit, yet the easiest thing to mess up all at the same time.  When scarf shopping, make sure you are aware of what exactly it is that you are buying. take notes:

1. Stay away from scarves that are super long and require a lot of tying and twisting.

2. Stay away from houndsooth and stripes.

3. Buy lightweight fabrics, avoid winter knit scarves.

4. Be versatile! Wear your scarf around your neck, on your bag, and if done right, your hair!

5. Use your scarf to make your outfit pop! Don’t add colors onto an outfit that is filled with color- too much room for error.

 This scarf retails for $8.80 at Forever 21 (so why not buy 2!)

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