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The Worst Dressed at the BET Awards

The Worst Dressed at the BET Awards


The 2012 BET Awards brought out so many different personalities and artists, so we were bound to see a couple horses of a different color.  Though the majority of the celebrities on the red carpet looked amazing, we’d be lying if we said ‘everyone’.

The first step to knowing what looks good on you is being honest with yourself.  Of course, a young girl group like the OMG Girlz can pull off a fun and colorful look, but if you are old enough to make fashion decisions without your parents, this is not the look for you.


We repeat: This is not the look for you.

Men aren’t subject to ridicule either.  Matching fabrics that aren’t even featured in the same season or section in the clothing department should not be pieced together.  If you are the type of person who is not into fashion so much, play it safe.  There are so many choices out there; why choose something that doesn’t make sense?

Making a terrible fashion choice may lead to brutal comments from the peanut gallery, but what’s worse, trying and failing or not trying at all?

Somethings can’t be explained. Like Regina’s outfit.  I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is wrong, but this strapless/pants combo is not it.  Maybe a more colorful top would have set off the color of the pants perfectly, and also fit right in with the color blocking style trend that everyone loves.   Playing it safe is one thing, playing it boring is another.


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