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Three Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Man

Three Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Man

In case you missed the interview with DJ Drama on what to get your man for Christmas this year, we’ve come up with three more great gift ideas that will leave your man satisfied.

Guys love sports, electronics, and accessories, so check out three great options below your boo would be more than happy to unwrap on Christmas day.

1. An iPad

If he cares about having the latest gadgets, you might want to wait for the iPad 3, which could be released any day now. Otherwise, snag him a lower-cost first-generation iPad off eBay.

2. Tickets to a game

These can get pricey, so check out, a comparison-shopping site that’s kind of like for event tickets.

3. A cool watch

We like the black “Chronicle SS” from Nixon ($350). The custom stainless steel and sleek face strike a sexy balance between badass and sophisticated.

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