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Tips on How to Work a Room with Confidence

Tips on How to Work a Room with Confidence

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The way you stride down the hallway, across the street or into a room is much like a first impression to others. People can tell a lot about you simply by your posture, the way you walk and how you carry yourself. Is your chin parallel to the floor, or do you find yourself looking down at the floor? Do you stand up straight or do you schlump in attempt to hide from being noticed?

You may not realize, but the aura you give off to others can be a powerful one … your confidence alone can demand respect without having to say a word. Confidence is always necessary and possibly can land you a job, attention from your love interest, and, more importantly, just make you feel amazing about yourself. Just understand the difference between cocky and confident, and you’re good to go.

So, go on out and put that awesome personality to work! We listed some tips from keynote speaker and author Susan RoAne that will have you being a pro at working a room in no time.  –mckenzie harris

1. R.S.V.P … say Yes!

2. Read newspapers, magazines and websites. Doing this not only keeps you informed of current events, but it always provides smooth transitions into conversation.

3. Plan a seven- to nine-second introduction.

4. To avoid the “forgotten name nemesis,” always reintroduce yourself.

5. Be approachable. Make eye contact, and don’t forget to smile. A smile can instantly make someone feel comfortable while talking to you.

6. Wear a conversation piece, for example, a tie, brooch, scarf, necklace, etc.

6. Don’t wait. Initiate. Approach those standing alone.

8. Act like a host.

9. Be in the moment. No glancing over shoulders.

10. Listen actively and with your face. Pay attention!

11. Exit the conversation graciously.

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