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Under Wraps: Islamic Models Breaking the Mold

Under Wraps: Islamic Models Breaking the Mold


What does a young, skinny & modelesque Islamic girl fascinated and mesmerized by shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway and Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency do when the passion and desire to model has become her hearts’ strongest desire?

Exactly 1 year ago, this would be just another dream deferred. But with Nailah Lymus’ launching of the first Muslim Female Model Agency, this young girls’ dream can now become a reality. UNDERWRAPS is the first global agency representing the Muslim Female Fashion Model and it allows young Islamic women that grew up in a culture where female modesty is expected, to pursue a confident career in a profession that has been deemed as culturally taboo.

Through UNDERWRAPS, Lymus is determined to breakdown the pre-conceived stereotypes that have been placed on the Muslim culture.  She is also raising the bar and setting a standard by not exposing her models and their skin, which is believed to be the “fast track” to success through the industry status-quo that “sex sells”.

She is sending a loud message to all Islamic girls that you don’t have to bare skin in order to be successful. You can still adhere to your faith, religion and traditions while pursuing this type of career. Metaphorically put, you do not have to “sell your soul”.


– Danni B. 


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