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Vans and Kenzo collab for must-have shoes!

Vans and Kenzo collab for must-have shoes!



Need new sneakers, and refuse to wear Jordans?  Over the wedge sneaker?  We have a solution!

The classic sneakers brand, Vans, collaborates once again with the hot new fashion house, Kenzo, to release some new printed styles into the ladies sneaker scene.  Using both the slip-on and their laced sneaker silhouettes, the two brands are set to release a few Spring-ready colors next week on March 15th.  The shoes will be available on and

Even if you’re a woman who’s not fond of going too casual, these lightweight sneakers are the perfect fit for your favorite Summertime wardrobe, or bringing color to a monochrome outfit.  These shoes scream fun and youthful, and the floral print distinguishes them from your boyfriend’s Vans.



Vans has been on the map since we were doing the “jerk”, but Kenzo has had the streets buzzing as celebrities like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez have been spotted around town sporting the colorful designer.  The brand also collaborated with the official hat company, New Era on some awesome creative hat designs for the guys.  The way Kenzo moved in 2012, we can definitely see them becoming an identifiable brand like Pucci.

Take a sneak peek at the cuteness of Vans and Kenzo’s new shoe line.  We can definitely see these three ladies sporting them as the winter gets, warmer, but you know who’s style would fit perfectly with these designs? Miley Cyrus.  Do you agree?  Will you be sporting any of these colorful styles?





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