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What To Wear: Spring 2013 Gym Attire

What To Wear: Spring 2013 Gym Attire

Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution to start back at the gym and shed some pounds?! If your answer is YES, then great.  If your answer is NO, do not feel bad!  You can always start NOW!  Ever heard the saying, “if you look good you feel good” ?!  This is so true.  I peeped some great workout outfit combos that will have you rejuvenated and ready to hit the treadmill in style via Fashion Bomb Daily.

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Shop some pieces below:

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Shop pieces from look 2 below:

Shop pieces from look 3 below:

For working out, I personally don’t always get glammed up but I can admit that I have a tad bit more energy when I have cute fresh workout clothes on.
Do you have any thoughts??

-Europe Angelique

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