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Would You Carry This Risky Handbag?

Would You Carry This Risky Handbag?

Talk about a risk taking accessory. A handbag made of … glass? Montreal based fashion designer Ying Gao and glass artist Michéle Lapointe have created “a glass object with a rounded contour, in which they have inserted a shirt made of super organza.” Why you ask? They wanted to fit a 10-gram shirt in a 10-kg bag.

The transparent piece of work “reflects on the nature of accessories and their content, while being an aesthetic and formal exploration of glass and textile.”

You can check out more of Gao’s very interesting and interactive art here. Below are a few more fashion pieces that were too cool not to include. Assuming this bag was actually functional, would you carry a glass handbag? –mckenzie harris

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